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UAH HASP Instrument, Fall 2007
For the second year UAH has participated in the High Altitude Student Platform (HASP) program. The HASP program was developed by a team at LSU through Space Grant and NASA support. The UAH instrument was made possible by the Alabama Space Grant Consortium.
Watch the flight realtime with CosmoCam.

The 2007 UAH/HASP instrument is an array of infrared thermopiles that cover the ninty degrees from vertical (looking at the balloon) to the horizontal. A total of 32 tempertuare measurements are made along this 1x32 array. A very small amount of thermal energy is expected to be emitted from the balloon during flight. For this reason, the array was designed for the specific IR band dictated by the thin film plastic and for each sensor's field of view.
The UAH/HASP instrument team is extremely grateful to the Louisiana Space Grant and LSU for providing the flight platform and the Alabama Space Grant Consortium for providing funding.

Instrument development at UAH

The gondola in Ft. Sumner, N.M.

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Author:G. Richardson